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Pandora - Internet Radio That Reads Your Mind

Ok ok, it can't really read your mind, but it comes REAL close. Pandora is a newish web-radio project with an interesting twist. It is powered by something called the Music Genome Project. Apparently some industrious music lovers started a project where they named some key characteristics (over 400 to be exact) that pertain to music and then sorted music according to those categories. As the library of music grew the "magical" powers of pandora started to emerge.

When you go to the site, it asks you to enter a name of a band that you like. It then takes that band preference and builds a web-radio station around it.

Right now I am listening to a radio station appropriately named Coldplay Radio and so far it is great. Of course, it started out with a Coldplay song but after that it has played song after song that have the aesthetic of Coldplay.

It is a great way to find new music by artists that you would have never listened to in the first place.

And, the greatest thing, it doesn't force you to sign up. You can just get started. But, I'm sure after a few visits, I will sign up for the service so that I won't have to explain my musical preferences every time.

If you are a music lover, then check out

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Human Space Invaders

I know, I know, can't you come up with some original content for your blog? Well I guess I could, but with all this cool content that keeps popping up, I just have to blog it.

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Crazy Cool Music Video

What A Clip - video powered by Metacafe This is incredible. I hear there's more at


Lightning and Rainbow over Ft. Smith

Check out these dope pictures of lightning over Ft. Smith that also created a rainbow. It is a rare occurence that is causing a slight web-stir as it has been posted to

I just thought it was cool due to the fact that I am a bit of a weather nut and the pictures are from Ft. Smith.

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